Optimise Energy Saving

Automatic energy-saving operation.
Temperature difference constant control and pressure difference constant control. (Logic)
Auto-restart after momentary power failure Operation is continued using the load inertia energy.

Optimise Function

Fire mode (forced operation)
PID control

Pick-up operation (catch on the fly)
Enable PM motor drive with PM Sensorless vector control
Vector control
Customized logic
Password function

Customized logic

  • Equipped with customized logic as standard to facilitate the free programming of up to 200 steps.
    - Unique functions tailored to the application or usage method can constructed.
  •   Logic circuit:
      (Digital) AND, OR, XOR, flip-flops, rising/falling edge detection, counters, etc.
      (Analog) Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, limiter, absolute value, sign inversion
         addition, comparison, highest selection, lowest selection, average value, measure conversion.
  •  Multifunctional timer:
        On-delay, off-delay, pulse train, etc. (Setting range: 0.0 to 9990 second)
  •  Input/output signal:

    Terminal input/output (Digital and Analog), logic circuit output, inverter command/monitor data.

  •  The 200 steps are available. Output/input of each step can be connected.